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Functional Mental Health Release,

Transformational Coaching,

& Spiritual Facilitation

Providing an alternative or compliment to traditional therapy and coaching, that gives unprecedented results.


Do you ever worry about being “too much”?

Do you have “high expectations” or worry about what is ‘optimal’, ‘ideal’, or even ‘perfect’(even if you know better)?

Do you feel unseen, unacknowledged, and unknown- no matter how much you give, accomplish or do?

Are you confused or bewildered in groups that people don’t get it? That they can’t seem to see or say what is actually going on?

Do you HAVE TO BE the adult all the time? Being responsible or always be in charge?

Do you find youreslf finding solutions that will solve problems for the greatest good- that will satisfy multiple concerns and still they go a way that doesn‘t?


If you answered yes to two or more of these -

You are NOT a CONVERGENT thinker -

You are a DIVERGENT thinker

- and knowing this detail can change your life.

HI - I’m Marcus Peterson-Spain and I’m a Functional Mental Health Release Specialist, Transformational Coach, and Spiritual Faciliator and I want to change your life.

Many of us didnt’ know that we have grown up in a CONVERGENT THINKER’S world.

Convergent thinkers are those who want to converge their thought on the group’s. They look at the group’s consensus, or the group’s rules to determine the value of thinking and actions. They oreinted to honor the group, not larger ideals, values, or individul truths.

DIVERGENT THINKERS, which are non-convergent thinkers,are oriented towards thinking and acting based fromindependent awareness. They are not afraid to diverge form the group because they evaluate actions and thoughts on their own merits and the intended results.

Gifted thinkers who can use that facility for higher ideals, innovations, and cross-functional thinking from critical evaluation, analytical reasoning and lateral thinking.

This ability to ‘diverge’ is often feared by convergent thinkers nd the groups that they form. Most groups are designed for convergent thinkers- who are told that they are ‘normal.”

Growing up as a non-convergent thinker/divergent thinker in a convergent thinkers’ world, leaves most of us feeling out of sync, ashamed, confused and afraid that there is something wrong with us.

We are ‘too much’- too bright, too brilliant, too exhausting= and we seem to exasperbate, irritate and ruffle the convergent feathers by having too many questions, too many ideas, and too much care.

It’s time to undo the damage from the convergent thinkers and restore your brilliance, spark, and power that you have been avoiding, hiding or neglecting.

I specialize in working with Divergent and Gifted Thinkers

(Artists, Rebels, Entrepreneurs, Queers, Spiritual, Sensitives, Gifted, etc.)

Facilitating them to release the SUBCONSCIOUS blocks (blocks not resolvable concsciously or in language) that hold them back, allowing them to finally be free from their limitations and self-sabotage. Finally freed to experience empowerment, fulifllment and freedom being their full. brilliant, selves.

Our work is some of the most advanced in the world and it releases stuck-states, traumas, and inherited blocks out of not only the mind, but body and soul.

I will work with you so you can unlock your extraordinary potential, live authentically, and find true fulfillment in life.


First 3 SESSIONS (80-90 min) $ 850

3 sessions is a minimum to responsibly experiencing this modality.

This is a minimum release length for 1 issue. Also great for coaching for decision making, event related and recent developments

6 SESSIONS (80-90 MIN) $1500

Ideal for individual trauma incident, one cycle of trauma release protocol. This is the preferred length to go through the stuck state release protocol for one root issue. Stuck-state release and follow up coaching.

10 SESSIONS (80-90 MIN) $2000

Preferred for first time clients as well as ongoing clients. This is the package if you are committed to seeing a level of fulfillment, empowerment and purpose holistically throughout your life. More exploration, depth and transformation are possible and this is the best value for ongoing clients.



"I am way more happy, fulfilled and free in my mind, body, spirit. A really cool part is , I am not the only one who notices. EVERYONE in my life notices how I move though life different. Thanks, Marcus!" - D.

"I can't believe this is my life. I am so engaged and happy. I am working in this dream role, with my dream team and I'm making so much more money. I am still shocked how different and great things are." - J.

"I went from doing well and being happy to uncovering this belief I had underneath that I didn't have "IT." Whatever I wanted, I unconsciously felt I was missing that extra thing ("It") and it held me back- without me knowing. Now that its' gone, I'm freer and bolder and so at ease. it shifted everything around me. So grateful." - M.

Three Fun Facts ABOUT ME-

I'm neurodivergent & queer.

You may know it as ADD/ADHD, but I don't think my brain is disordered, it just works different. It makes me unique, billiant and creative- it also makes me an excellent coach. Also Queer and Gay- gender non-identifying. I love those who live their truth- whatever it is.

I was an actor, still love it.

I was a stage and film actor in NYC, had my own theater/film company and have coached actors in theater and film. Hedwig was my favorite role- played it twice. Transforming who think we are and being able to embody and express it was the beginning of all my work,

Husband and I are plant daddies.

My husband and I are 'plant daddies' and what started as a fern given to us as a gift, has become about 30 plants that we love- including Eucalyptus, blood orange and lemon trees!







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