A Revolution In Mental Health

  • - Holistic, Functional, and Effective -

Beyond Therapy, Meditation or Coaching- a new paradigm of Mental Health care has emerged.

EMPR Method + Transformational Coaching = Fully releasing the SUBCONSCOUS BLOCKS that keep you stuck,

enabling you to create and realize an unknown freedom, fulfillment, purpose and joy.

Free to Live Electrically Authentic

What if it has just been outside your awareness?

@ SelExAnO Our revolutionary work can get you aware and finally help you free yourself.

What if your inability to fully heal is not a lack of character or the inability to heal but...

Here at SelExAnO we do the full spectrum of mental health work.

EMPR guides you to uncover your subconscious blocks and faciliates you in releasing it fully and for good.

You can be free from trauma, unstuck, and have a whole new sense of self, life and being alive.

mountain pass during sunrise
mountain pass during sunrise


Reach out to Marcus today to start your transformative journey with a free consultation.

person writing on white paper
person writing on white paper